My main line of work is the representation of the landscape and the question of scales and points of view. The creation of a space, a territory, represented and then observed, horizontally or vertically, microscopically and macroscopically, implies a point of view, which modifies its perception. The landscape is an artistic and poetic view ; an internal sensation, what Diderot called rumor of the viscera, the result of the dynamic and unstable combination of physical elements that react dialectically to one another. I am working on the question of the vegetal, the mineral, the geological, the biological. It is for me a work of process of creation starting from the imitation of the nature.
My work seeks to question the visual apprehension of the landscape, towards a new mode of representation : a Third-Landscape and its undecided character. A quantity of undecided spaces. This set does not belong to the territory of the shadow or that of the light. It is at the margins. These fragments of landscape constitute a territory of refuge to diversity. More than color, shade or light, matter defines the work: its depth, its richness, its landscape, its borders and its limits. A space and its environments exist.

The pigments are ochres, earths and shadows. The resins are mainly natural : the dammar resin is secreted by a type of tree characteristic of the Indonesian islands ; the copal resin is a semi-fossil resin ; Shellac is resulting from the secretion of an Asian cochineal ; Rosin is obtained after distillation of a substance harvested from coniferous trees ; Sandaraque is a resin extracted from the cypress of the Atlas.

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